2006 09 26 New hardware is install and some uppdates have been made! The Jellycounter do not work any longer. The number of hits was about 1.5 miljons!
2004 01 02 The site have now been online for little more than 1 year, and have had about 461982 visits. And i want to wish you all a good new year !
2003 10 14 For some reason the server can be slow from different IPSīs. I was in Hungary and checked the dl speed and it was not good, But when i ran to my backupsite on a 0.5mbit connection i got 40kb/s. So there seems to be a bottleneck between some internet providers. Not much i can do to help you out if you have this problem, Mayby if you have some choise to try abother ISP to reach my site.
2003 10 02 Server was unreacable for 12 hours, lack of monitoring and a loose powercord for the firewall was the reason. Sorry !
2003 08 19 Main server up again, Installed 2 new harddrives and tryed to activate it. But it was wery slow and broken downloads accured so we did find out that the network card was broke again. Changed now and now we only need to wait for the DNS servers to update.
2003 08 17 Working on the real server, so now its a backup server on a much slower line, Speed should increase in some days.
2003 07 18 Server went down because of a tunderstorm broke my network card, But itīs changed and everything should work again.
2003 06 30 Added another redirector to this site, " SEP800A.MINE.NU " and it should update much faster if the server gets a new IP number, So if u cant reach it try this one !
2003 06 15 Moved a lot of files, Sorry if any downloads was interrupted.
2003 06 04 Added some banners if you want to link to this site, Here there are At the bottom. Please link only to http://sep800.mine.nu and not the folders. Thanks to Frode for the animation help.
2003 06 01 Added a small bunch of files, Tnx to all users that did send me some files. Shame on you other... :) But its not to late, U could always send it to me.
2003 05 27 Server was unreacable some hours, Cuz of a ISP problem - whole block was without connection. And then i got a new IP so the DNS had to update again.
2003 05 22 Modified some setting, Let me know if its better or worse now. (downloading)
2003 05 17 Installed some updates for the server !
2003 05 09 Changed firewall, This should be a lot faster but i have some small issues with it. (old firewall did not handle the DOS-Attack "Teardrop", But now it can and its showing it in the log with IP.)
2003 05 08 Firewall went down again, Planning to try another model. And see if its working better and mayby are faster. The DNS update could take many hours to redirect to the new ip after a change.
2003 05 03 Changed the structure of Programs and Games, Now there are freeware, trials and PC folders. Hope u think this is better. Even changed some server settings.
2003 05 01 Added pools for the banners on the lower of the main page, Cuz the load time was getting long.
2003 04 28 The server was unreachable some hours today, And now its up again but i got a new ip now because the firewall needed to be restarted. So it could take some hours until DNS servers are pointing to the right ip number again.
2003 04 26 Added some screenshots in english language to.
2003 04 23 Added some more images from R2D update, tnx to Reto for the tip about ScreenCapture (I did not think of it when making the page).
2003 04 22 Added some views from R2D update, Added some banners to the bottom of my page - I hope u like the page anyway and if u are interrested look what they have to offer !
2003 04 16 Reached 100ī visotors since start.
2003 04 07 Today the site was down for a while, Installed SCSI card and one disk for the files. It was supposed to be 2 mirrored disks but mayby one is enough. 
2003 04 03 I will not publish file updates in this list anymore if its not very importent or i want to, The new stuff are in the "New Files" section until i move it.  The latest days server have been heavy loaded, and im thinking some upgrade on server soon, not sure when. But if its down i mayby working on it. And today i added one MP3 from www.lottaw.com Tnx Lotta.
2003 03 23 Updated the MP3 area with some files from www.tingan.com .And for better image quality on PersonalJava application download ImageFix.zip
2003 03 18 Started a MP3 Area, And a tnx goes to www.spektronmusic.com for the first MP3 files.
2003 03 15 Broke the 50ī limit today..Not soo bad.  And a BIG thanks for everyone that have sent me stuff to share.   Tnx to Jasper for some cool animated pics 
2003 03 12 Updated news and first page a little.
2003 03 10 Made some changes to server settings.
2003 03 06 Server was down for some hours, but i needed to change DNS redirect. And some news added. (many require "AppForge Booster" ! Please visit www.my.symbian for more information and full versions.
2003 02 28 Editing page some more.. added some more links on 1st page. Everyone are welcome to send some pictures they have taken with the cam, and any suggestions what i should add to Problems / Faq section.  (some of the pictures i took are from a moving car, not the best way to shoot)
2003 02 26 Removed some movies
2003 02 23 NEW LINKPAGE added Do u want to be there too ? , Mail me and we talk about it !  (Already added sites, please update me with banners and some info).
2003 02 21 Big update ! 13 Animations, 162 Backgrounds, 1 Game, 10 Movies, 9 Programs files, 1 Ringtone, 115 Screensavers !!  The slow response on the server could depend on huge amount of connections at the same time, today it was up to 900 connections simultaneous..
2003 02 20 Getting some complains about speed on server, So i looked on the logs.. One IP had 6238 requests in 20 hours...  either u have a boring life or u use some tool.  This could be the problem..  but i search more!!  Soon i will update the files !
2003 02 15 Rebuilding first page a little.
2003 02 13 Added 12 movies and 1 program
2003 02 11 Biggest update today is a faster connection, Now its 10mbit instead of 0.5mbit (Hope u like it) Added 2 progs + 2 updates,1 game + update on othello !
2003 02 10 Added some updates.
2003 02 09 Added 11 movies,4 programs,1 sound
2003 02 07 Added 1 movie and updated Goboy + remoteControl demo
2003 02 06 Server went down 10 min because a main fuse failure Added 13 more movies
2003 02 04 Added 17 movies and updated Jshooter800 
2003 02 03 Added 6 movies, 4 programs ,  removed a FTP site because broken link
2003 02 02 Added 1 animated screensaver,1 program,1 pic,4 movies,1 document,4 screensavers and 78 ringtones
2003 02 01 DSL connection malfunction on TELIA started 24:00 Just need to wait and see when it starts again. :( Added facedrawer, 1 movie and 1 game
2003 01 31 Added 226 backgrounds, 3 games11 programs, 15 more movies
2003 01 30 Added SymIRC (alpha)  and Sarien emulator to programs folder
2003 01 29 Added 83 screensavers, one game, two programs, some ringtones and a few other animated screensavers !   Come on now, mail me your stuff for P800 !
2003 01 28 Restored all removed files, Now its ok to have them on my site. Tnx Kai   , Added the game eDoom + 2 more movies. + some more screensavers ( 25-30 ) Added another link too http://www.psiloc.com/ Where some P800 apps are comming soon, Tip by Albert   Tnx.    And i must add..  #1 in software for P800 is http://My-Symbian.com !!
2003 01 27 Removed logo and some photos on P800 from pics folder and some movies, Another webmaster did not wanted his files here, Sorry Kai !
2003 01 25 BIG update on screensavers about 400 new "most fun" added,  Installed servicepack 2 on server today. Now i have had 12569 visitors since page started almoste one month now !  Added some more games and programs too !
2003 01 22 Added 2 games and VNCViewer - it works but could need some more work done.
2003 01 21 Added about 50 backgrounds
2003 01 19 Redirected server for 20 minutes to install a CD rom in the machine - Sry about all interupted downloads.  Added 256mb more memory  too ! + 3 more movies
2003 01 18 My DSL modem hanged and did not report link status for the firewall, only needed to restart it. Added 69,2 MB movies and 2 ringtones and  2 games + some programs 
2003 01 17 Got a new motherboard today, Now server detects 512 instead of 256mb memory. Switching to new server now to see hows it goes.    Some more movies and stuff are added ! Plz let me hear from you if this is better or not !
2003 01 16 Added My-Symbian.com to other links. I have started on a new structure on files and folders, Comming later. Damn it was not fun sorting all pics :)
2003 01 14 Added http://home.wanadoo.nl/jeroen_brinkers/  and http://www.allaboutsymbian.com/p800.php to other links.  Server statistics are now 4,368.025 KB in 1 Day and 8 Hours 47 min (since i restarted web) !!   "almost all my bandwidth are taken for web,no CS plaing now :("
2003 01 13 Waiting for another motherboard that can handle more memory, i dont update any folders right now.    sorry about that !

Webpage opened 29 december 2002