Problems / How to

Making MP4 movie files. Download mpegable from (trial 30 days)

Start with making this adjustments.Total bidrate 200kb Audio bidrate 16kb Target framerate 15 Downsampeling (depends on the size of the movie) AUDIO Channels Mono Presision : same as input Sample rate : 22050 ENCODING Keyframe period: 75 B-frame : 0 Image Qaulity : smooth motion Compression Qaulity : Fast encoding

Then save these settings. ( then u dont need to change them everytime)

Choose input file, choose output file, look so that the movie size out isent bigger than 192 * 144 (i think)

Then choose record

Making background and screensaver images. One program that i think is good is Snagit from (trial) because of all features.

U only show the pics u want to use in any viewer and then use the grab button in snagit. (many options)

Sizes are Background 208 * 144 and Screensaver 208 * 320

Synchronize SonyEricsson P800 with GroupWise 5.2 and above.

(Several P800 or other SyncML devices)

Toffa´s SyncWiseEnterprise software will synchronize the SonyEricsson P800 with GroupWise 5.2 and above. You will require SyncWiseEnterprise installed on a 32 bit Windows environment along with a web server, you can then configure the SyncML client on your SonyEricsson P800 to synchronize using SyncWiseEnterprise.

You may download SyncWiseEnterprise from Toffa´s web site at:

SyncWiseEnterprise documentation can be found at:
Midi files sounds wrong ! The instruments loaded in the phone are not enough for some midi files, download the file called "Enhanced midi" to get better playback.

The credits goes to Renegade´s site found at 

Accessing secret menu Jog dial up , * , jog dial down , jog dial down , * , jog dial down , *

There there are some options like format disk and so on.

Disk full problem (wont boot) Remove sim card , turn on phone at the enter pin access the secret menu to make a master reset. (data will be lost)
Adding more sms emotions pictures Create a folder called EMS in c\documents\media files\image folder and place them there
Synchronize SonyEricsson P800 with GropWise (one P800) You can try to 

1. Install GropWise client.

2. Install the outlook plugin for groupwise if you have groupwise 5.5 (in groupwise 6.x the plugin is integrated in the groupwise client). 

3. Start outlook and check if you can correctly access your groupwise informations. 

4. install the native synchronisation software for your device telling it you use outlook. 

5. Start the sync process and pray.


(This tip comes from Michael)